36” X 30” Waterproof Aluminum Roof Access Hatch - Bilco 

Can you install a roof hatch on a green roof? Yes, you can! Access Doors and Panels recommends Bilco’s S-50VM Waterproof Aluminum Roof Hatch as a great solution for green roof access due to its weathertight, corrosion-resistant properties and waterproof gasketing. Use this innovative model on flat or sloping roofs – just make sure the hinge side runs parallel to the slope. If there’s already a damaged roof hatch in place, that’s okay too – Bilco’s S-50VM roof access hatch allows you to replace a damaged roof hatch without re-roofing. The low-profile VersaMount curb features a built-in flange and apron and an innovative anchor clip system to ensure a fast, secure, and weather-tight installation over an existing curb. See it in action! 

Why is S-50VM a Good Choice for Green Roofs?  

Energy Efficient: S-50VM’s overlapping cover design, full welded corners, EPDM rubber gasket, and fully insulated cover and curb ensure weather tightness and energy efficiency. 

Corrosion-Resistant: S-50VM has a waterproof EPDM rubber gasket and is corrosion-resistant aluminum which would work for a green roof where moisture is a concern. Even the hardware is corrosion-resistant! 

Waterproof: EPDM rubber gaskets remain waterproof in harsh environments and maintain flexibility at low temperatures. EPDM gaskets also resist ozone, wear, and aging. EPDM's waterproof nature and all-weather resistance make it an ideal material for sealing the seams. 

Fits Over an Existing Curb: Use S-50VM as a replacement roof hatch cover; Simply remove the cover from the damaged hatch and place the Versamount hatch on top of the existing curb. 

Weathertight: The low-profile curb features a built-in flange and apron and an innovative anchor clip system to ensure a fast, secure, and weathertight installation.  

Easy to Operate: S-50VM is engineered with compression spring operators to provide smooth, easy, one-hand operation, regardless of size. The automatic hold-open arm locks the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress. 

Secure: The aluminum construction includes an 11-gauge aluminum frame, a cover with fully welded corners, and an 18-gauge corrosion-resistant aluminum cover liner. Heavy gauge construction and positive latching mechanism maintain building security. 

Check Out S-50VM’s Specifications: 

Cover and Frame: 11-gauge aluminum 

Cover: Brake formed, hollow-metal design with 1″ concealed fiberglass insulation, 3″ beaded, overlapping flange, fully welded at corners, and internally reinforced for 40 psf (195 kg/m2) live load. 

Curb: 4″ in height, break-formed hollow-metal design with 1″ concealed fiberglass insulation, 2-5/8″ mounting flange, and 1-1/2″apron, fully welded at corners. Stainless steel anchor clips are included. 

Gasket: Extruded EPDM rubber gasket permanently adhered to the cover. 

Hinges: Heavy-duty pintle hinges with 3/8″ type 316 stainless steel hinge pins. 

Latch: Slam latch with interior and exterior turn handles and padlock hasps. 

Lift Assistance: Compression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes. Automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release. 

Finish: Aluminum Mill Finish 

Hardware: Engineered composite compression spring tubes and steel compression springs packed in grease. Type 316 Stainless steel hinges. All other hardware is zinc-plated/chromate sealed. 

Whether you’re looking for a weatherproof green roof access hatch or a replacement roof hatch, Access Doors and Panels have you covered with S-50VM manufactured by Bilco! Call us at 1-800-619-4917 with questions and let us know if you have a custom request. We’re here to get you started! 

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BILCO 36" x 30" - Aluminum Roof Hatch - VersaMount Ladder Access - Bilco
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36" x 30" - Aluminum Roof Hatch - VersaMount Ladder Access - Bilco

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