30" x 46" Deck Mounted Thermo Window FTT U6 - Triple Glazed

Providing adequate sunlight inside your building is crucial, and that’s where the 30" x 46" Deck Mounted Thermo Window FTT U6 - Triple Glazed comes into play. This product is known for its versatility, durability, and overall aesthetic design. 

What You Will Love About the Deck Mounted Thermo Window

  • Availability of different flashing types
  • A laminated glass that prevents the entire glass window from shattering 
  • A glazing unit set in a specially designed sash frame

The Deck Mounted Thermo Window has wider wooden profiles than a standard window. The design can benefit the interior by minimizing the phenomenon of thermal bridges. The window also provides better insulation, ensuring that people stay protected from harsh weather elements, such as heat and moisture.

Another benefit is its pivot feature which provides a unique opening method. It works best in highly-decorative settings since its window profile color works well with modern or industrial interior design styles. Lastly, the pivot roof window has a heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.58 W/m2K (equivalent R-Value 9.8), making it the warmest roof window on the market. 

It also comes with an EHV-AT Thermo flashing. As standard, it has a set of insulation flashings XDK consisting of an insulation set XDP and air-tight flashing XDS. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Rough Opening: 31 ½'' x 47 ½''
  • Outside Frame: 30 ¼'' x 46 ½''
  • Type: Center Pivot Opening
  • Roof Pitches/Slope: from 15° to 85°

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Fakro 30 x 46 Deck Mounted Thermo Window FTT U6 -Triple glazed
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30" x 46" Deck Mounted Thermo Window FTT U6 -Triple glazed - Fakro

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