30" x 30" Gypsum Fiberglass Access Doors - Elmdor

Access door and frame shall be fabricated from glass reinforced gypsum. Frame shall have pre-positioned depressions for screw placement and tapered for application of joint compound.

Product Function:
Doors are designed to be architecturally pleasing with a design which allows the door and frame to blend seamlessly with the gypsum ceiling. With a tapered edge for joint tape, they are easily textured, light weight and will not crack or shrink.

Elmdor GFG Series access doors are lightweight and easily textured. It features tapered edges for joint tape. The door will not crack nor shrink.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door size:
30" x 30"
Glass Fiber Reinforced
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Elmdor 30 x 30 Gypsum Fiberglass Access Doors - Elmdor
SKU # GFG-30-30

30" x 30" Gypsum Fiberglass Access Doors - Elmdor

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