LXH 29 1/2" Handrail - LWP, LWT, LWF, LMS, LWB, LMB  


Carrying items up your Fakro attic ladder can be challenging at most times. But with a reliable and sturdy handrail like the LXH 29 1/2", carrying items can be a breeze!  


Benefits of Installing the LXH 29 1/2" Handrail:  

  • Makes ascending and descending the attic ladder easier  
  • Great for LWN, LWT, LWP, LMS, and LWF Series  


The LXH is an excellent way to ascend and descend the attic ladder easier and safer! You can mount the red-painted handrail on the angled brackets of the ladder.     

The LXH is compatible with FAKRO LWP, LWT, LWF, LMS, LWB, and LMB attic ladders.   


Technical Specifications:  

Assembled Depth (in inches): 3  

Assembled Height (in inches): 30  

Assembled Weight (in lbs): 5  

Assembled Width (in inches): 5  

Packaged Depth (in inches): 3  

Packaged Height (in inches): 30  

Packaged Weight (In lbs): 5  

Packaged Width (in inches): 5  


Descend and Ascend your Fakro Attic Ladder Safely with the LXH today!  


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Fitting Instructions:
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Fakro 29 1/2 Handrail - LWP, LWT, LWF, LMS, LWB, LMB

29 1/2" Handrail - LWP, LWT, LWF, LMS, LWB, LMB - Fakro

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