28" x 36" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK

If you need your building components protected, consider installing the 28" x 36" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK. It’s the best option when you want to protect components behind walls that should stay away from heat or highly-flammable elements. 

Benefits That You Would Love About the Wall Access Door

  • Ready for quick installation on wall surfaces
  • Updated and excellent energy-efficient access door design

You should only install the Insulated Crawl Space Access Door in L-shaped walls. It also provides excellent thermo-insulating parameters R-value 5.2 along with high air tightness to keep heat-loss to a minimum.

The access door is also universal, therefore you can install them with a left or right direction of opening. Lastly, it comes standard with lining slats to achieve an easier installation process.

Product Specifications of the DWK Crawl Space Access Door: 

  • Loft Ladder Hatch U-Value: 0,11 BTU/hft²F
  • Insulation Thickness: 2 ⅜
  • Access Door R-Value: 8.9
  • Frame Material: Pinewood
  • Door Thickness: 2 ½” 
  • Thermal Insulation Thickness: 2 3/8” 
  • Finished on both sides with white HDF board. 

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Fakro 28 x 36 Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK
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28" x 36" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK - Fakro

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