21" x 31" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK - Fakro

Introducing the 21" x 31" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK - Fakro – a versatile and stylish solution that seamlessly blends functionality with modern design. This door is crafted with precision and is perfect for those who appreciate innovation in architecture.

This distinctive design redefines conventional entryways, marrying functionality with a touch of avant-garde style for effortless access- every time. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space while enjoying the practical benefits of a door crafted for modern times.

DWK is multi-directional, providing exceptional versatility while making it ideal for:

  • Entryways: Elevate the entrance of your building with a door that makes a statement, with convenient, low-profile access.
  • Commercial Buildings: Impress clients and visitors with a distinctive entry door.
  • Modern Homes: Ideal for contemporary settings seeking a unique architectural element and extra storage space.

What Makes DWK the Right Choice?

Premium Craftsmanship: Fakro has built and maintained a legacy of excellence based on quality materials and aesthetic design with ease of integration, and DWK is no exception.

Versatile Finish: DWK boasts a modern design, with an elegantly crafted and stylish eggshell white door enhanced by a stylish wood grain panel trim.

Multi-Directional Openings: DWK is ideal for areas where space is tight or limited, as you can install it for either left or right-ward openings

Ideal for Storage Spaces: With a space-saving design, easy installation, and enhanced resistance against pests and rodents, DWK safeguards storage areas while offering streamlined, easy access.

Quick and Easy Installation: DWK installs in minutes, adapting quickly with a drill, basic tools, and minimal effort.

Thermally Insulated: Reduce energy consumption with DWK's airtight, 1" super thermo insulation, which prevents draft airflow while also reducing heat transfer.


  • Dimensions: 21" x 31"
  • Access Door R-Value: R-value of 9 (U-value of 0.11 BTU/ hft²F)
  • Frame Material: Pinewood
  • Door Thickness: 2 ½"
  • Thermal Insulation Thickness: 3 cm
  • Finish: Pinewood on all sides with eggshell white HDF board

Enhance your design, while upgrading your storage and insulation systems by adding the DWK 21" x 31" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK - Fakro 

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Fakro 22 x 32 Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK
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21" x 31" Insulated Crawl Space Access Door DWK - Fakro

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