24" x 36" Recessed Access Door for Tile and Marble - Acudor

An access door made for tile and marble, the 24” x 36” TD-5025 specialty access door is heavy-duty and perfect for easy access and concealment of your building’s components. Ensuring the safety and security of these components has never been easier.

Why Choose the 24” x 36” TD-5025?  

Aside from being able to blend well on your tile and marble walls of varying thicknesses, the TD-5025 also has additional features that you can benefit from, which include:

  • Concealment
  • Heavy-duty
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Superior corrosion resistance

You might already be aware of how important it is to keep the internal components of your building in good condition. One way is to ensure that experts can do routine maintenance and inspection. Customers choose the TD-5025 for their buildings as it can blend and adapt well to tile or marble, which is common in commercial buildings.

To ensure that components are well- secure, the TD-5025 harmoniously blends in with the surroundings that most people would miss if they did not know the location. The door also comes with zinc-coated steel resistant to corrosion and features a concealed heavy-duty hinge. With its press-bent frame, you can trust that this door is durable, strong, and rigid.

The TD 5025 also comes with a standard cam latch and optional locks, including a touch latch and magnetic lock. The door finishes with a RAL 9016 powder coat.

Key Features of TD-5025  

  •  Zinc-coated steel provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Concealed heavy-duty hinge
  • The recessed door accepts Tiles and Marbles of varied thicknesses
  • Concealed Latch

Access Doors and Panels offer convenience, innovation, and quality when it comes to access doors. The TD-5025 access door is for concealment with architecturally pleasing finishes. To know more about the access doors, talk to our product expert. Just dial (800) 609-2917 to reach us. You can also get a quote for future references or orders.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door size:
24" x 36"
16 Ga, 3/4"""" recessed tray to accept 5/8” MDF and glue by others"""
16 Ga, press bent for strength and rigidity
Continuous concealed piano hinge
Powder coated RAL 9016
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Acudor 24" X 36" Recessed Access Door for Tile and Marble - Acudor
SKU # TD-5025-24-36

24" X 36" Recessed Access Door for Tile and Marble - Acudor

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