22.5" x 54", 22.5" x 70" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight EL-312-22.5” x 54” 


When it comes to deck-mounted skylights, using the right flashing kit is essential! The flashing prevents water seepage and leaks, which, if left unchecked, can lead to root rot, mold, corrosion, and structural damage to your commercial property. Savvy construction pros in North America make it a best practice to install skylight flashings like FAKRO's EL-312 -22.5” x 26.5” Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight.   


Why purchase EL-312 Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit?   

  • Strong support for your fixed deck-mounted skylights   
  • Prevent leaks and moisture   
  • Bid goodbye to sealants   

Skylight flashings secure the joints of your skylight that receive most water to prevent seepage into your building. When installed correctly, the flashing kit directs water away from vulnerable areas of your building into the gutters. The bottom section of the flashing kit is equipped with a butyl strip to protect your roofing materials and skylight against wind-driven rain in stormy conditions eliminating the need for sealants that can break down and cause damage.   

The EL-312 flashing is suitable for skylights installed in low-profile roofing materials, including shingles, plain tile, double-lap roofing, and slates. This flashing is ideal for FAKRO FX, FV, FVE, and FVS deck-mounted skylights.    



  • Suitable for use with slate, asphalt, or fiberglass roof shingles with a maximum thickness of up to 5/16" (8 mm)   
  • For installation on roofs with pitches from 15° to 85°   
  • Made of 0.9-mm thick aluminum for long-lasting durability
  • Gray polyester paint covering for better protection   
  • Quick and easy to install   

Technical Specifications:   

Product Type: Flashing Kit   

Assembled Depth (in inches): 4 

Assembled Height (in inches): 23.125 

Assembled Weight (in lbs): 8 

Assembled Width (in inches): 71.375 

Material: Aluminum  

Warranty: 5-year limited   

Package Contents: Flashing Kit   

Order the EL-312 Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Your FAKRO Skylight!   


At Access Doors and Panels, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products from brands you can trust. Contractors, renovators, and commercial construction industry professionals rely on us to supply premium materials like the EL-312.   

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Fakro 24" x 55", 24" x 70" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight - Fakro
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24" x 55", 24" x 70" Low-Profile Shingle Roof Flashing Kit for Deck Mount Skylight - Fakro

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