FWU-L-2438-22.25-37.25 Egress Roof Window - Tempered Glass  


Easy access to safety is a priority for commercial buildings. Here at Access Doors and Panels, we know the importance of security and easy access to fire responders. Hence, we offer FWU-L-24/38 Egress Roof Window - Tempered Glass for your safe entry and exit needs.  


Benefits of Installing FWU-L-24/38 Egress Roof Window 

  • Easy entry and exit  
  • Lessen energy consumption costs  
  • Create a positive impact on overall health  

FWU-L-24/38 egress windows can light up your premises without relying on artificial lighting. They can also provide easy access to your building's roof or a way of escape in case of an emergency.  This egress roof window comes in two options: left (featured in this description) and right.  

FWU egress roof windows are ideal in rooms where building codes require two escape methods. If you're looking to get a building code approval, we recommend installing this egress roof window.   



  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-55 degrees   
  • Low-emission and heat-reflecting double glazed glass  
  • Handle positioned halfway up the sash for ease of opening  
  • Internal gasket system to collect and drain any possible condensation water to the outside  
  • Skylight's frame adopted for internal blinds installation required special flashing ELW or EHW-A  


Technical Specifications:  

Rough opening (WxR) in.: 22 1/4 x 37 1/3  

Outside frame (SxL): 23 1/2 x 38 1/8  

Daylight area (glass) in.: 3.55 x 0.33 sq. ft. m2  

Glazing unit: G3 tempered-tempered  

SHGC: 0.20  

U-factor [BTU/h ft2F]: 0.41  

VT visible transmittance: 0.39  

CR condensation resistance: 54  

Air infiltration [cfm/ft2]: 0.18  

Water penetration [Pa]: 730  

Uniform Load Deflection: 20.1 psf/-20.1 psf  

Uniform Load Structural: 60 psf/-60 psf  


Invest in your building's safety! Purchase the FWU-L-24/38 Egress Roof Window - Tempered Glass Today!    

At Access Doors and Panels, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products from brands you can trust. Contractors, renovators, and commercial construction industry professionals in North America rely on us to supply premium materials like the FWU-L-24/38.    

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Fakro 24 x 38 FWU-L Egress Roof Window - Tempered Glass - Fakro
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24" x 38" FWU-L Egress Roof Window - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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