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The BRGB Drywall Access Door - STB Pin Hinged is a durable door that provides access through either vertical or horizontal surfaces with push latching door-also available double doors ensuring smoother access. This drywall access door comes with a welded aluminum frame to receive drywall infill to seamlessly blend with its surrounding surface. It comes with a STB pin hinged and an exposed flange allowing easy application. 

Why install the BRGB      

Affordable: The BRGB access door also provides a cost-effective solution to address your access door needs for your commercial building.     

Super-Durability: This architectural access door is long lasting and durable with its materials. There is no need to worry about dents or corrosion with its welded aluminum materials on both the door and the frame. Get the best aesthetics with the BRGB and its aluminum mill finish.    

Variety: If you are looking for multiple product options, you can choose from BRGB's various sizes and options that will surely fit your commercial building.     


  • Door: Welded Aluminum, Drywall Infill 
  • Frame: Welded Aluminum 
  • Size: Min: 8 inches by 8 inches / Max: 24 inches by 24 inches 
  • Flange: Exposed 
  • Hinge: Welded Pin 
  • Installation: Wall or Ceiling 
  • Finish: Mill 
  • Options: Flanges, Latches, Materials, Gaskets 

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
16" wide x 16" high
Flanges, Latches, Materials, Gaskets
Rough Opening:
16 3/16" wide x 16 3/16" high
Welded Aluminum, Drywall Infill
Welded Aluminum
Exposed Flange
Welded Pin
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Babcock Davis 16 x 16 STB Pin Hinged Latching Drywall Access Door
SKU # BRGB-16-16

16" x 16" Drywall Access Door - STB Pin Hinged - Babcock-Davis

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