14" x 20" Drywall Panel - Elmdor

Are you seeking a reliable, durable, seamlessly integrated access solution for your walls and ceilings? Look no further than the DW 14" x 20" Drywall Panel from Elmdor, proudly offered by Access Doors and Panels.

Whether you're engaged in a new construction project or renovating an existing space, the Elmdor DW Series access panels are the perfect fit. These panels are versatile, designed to complement various surfaces, including masonry, tile, wood, and more, seamlessly merging with your wall or ceiling for a polished finish.

Reasons to Choose DW Drywall Panel

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from 16-gauge galvannealed steel, these panels are built to last. The white prime coat finish offers a sleek appearance and allows easy painting to match your decor.

Safety-Focused Design: Rounded safety corners ensure a secure fit and minimize potential hazards.

Seamless Integration: The one-piece frame is constructed without miters or welds on the face, providing a clean, professional look to the installed panel.

Convenient Access: The concealed piano hinge and screwdriver-operated latch ensure easy access without compromising aesthetics.

Heavy-Duty Option: For more robust needs, an option with a 14-gauge door and door frame, along with a 16-gauge wall frame, is available, providing added strength and durability.

Where to Use:

Versatile Installation: Ideal for new installations and remodeling projects across various surfaces, including masonry, tile, and wood.

Suited for Walls and Ceilings: Whether you're working on walls or ceilings, these panels seamlessly integrate for easy access without compromising aesthetics.

Problems Solved:

Seamless Integration: Say goodbye to unsightly access points. These panels blend effortlessly with different surfaces, maintaining the visual appeal of your space while providing access where needed.

Durable Solution: With their robust construction, these panels offer long-term reliability, ensuring your access needs are consistently met.


  • Material: 16-gauge galvannealed steel
  • Finish: White prime coat suitable for painting
  • Safety: Rounded corners for enhanced safety
  • Hinge: Concealed piano hinge for smooth operation
  • Latch: Screwdriver-operated for easy access
  • Additional Heavy-Duty Option: 14-gauge door and frame, 16-gauge wall frame

Let's Get to Work!

For those seeking a seamless, durable, and convenient access solution, the Elmdor DW 14" x 20" Drywall Panels are your go-to choice. Contact Access Doors and Panels today at 1-800-609-2917 to learn more or order access panels for a hassle-free installation experience! If you need a custom size, let us know.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
14" wide x 20" high
Rough Opening Size:
14 1/2 wide x 20 1/2 high
Galvannealed Steel
Prime coat suitable for painting
1 flange"
Continuous piano hinge
Lock / latch:
2 x Screwdriver Operated Cam Latches
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Elmdor 14" x 20" Drywall Panel - Elmdor
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14" x 20" Drywall Panel - Elmdor

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