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The BIU Fire-Rated Access Door - Upward Opening is a durable door that provides access through openings for ceilings which is best applied to unique ceiling setups when the door swings upward to the ceiling cavity. It also has features such as a 1-inch exposed flange, a flush continuous piano hinge, and 2-inch fire-rated mineral fiber for insulation, all for you and your building's convenience.  

Why install the BIU       

Affordable: The BIU access panel also provides a cost-effective solution to address your access door needs for your commercial building.     

Super-Durability: This floor access is tough and durable with its steel material. There is no need to worry about dents and scratches with 18 gauge steel on the door and 16 gauge steel on the frame with a Warnock-Hersey fire rating certification.  

Variety: If you are looking for multiple product options, you can choose from BIU's various sizes and options that will surely fit your commercial building.      


  • Door: 18 gauge Steel  
  • Frame: 16 gauge Steel  
  • Size: Min: 12 inches by 12 inches / Max: 24 inches by 36 inches  
  • Installation: Ceiling  
  • Flange: 1 inch Exposed  
  • Hinge: Flush Continuous Piano  
  • Latch: 1/4 inch Allen Head Key  
  • Insulation: 2-inch fire-rated mineral fiber; R-8  
  • Certification: Warnock-Hersey listed for 1 hour  
  • Finish: Off White Prime Coat  
  • Options: Materials and Gaskets   

Need an Access Door?       

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
12" wide x 12" high
Materials and Gaskets
Rough Opening:
12" wide x 12" high
18 gauge Steel
16 gauge Steel
1 inch Exposed Flange
Flush Continuous Piano
Off White Prime Coat
Excellent Services
Babcock Davis 12" x 12" Fire-Rated Upward Opening Access Door
SKU # BIU-12-12

12" x 12" Fire-Rated Access Door - Upward Opening - Babcock-Davis

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