12" x 12" Fire Rated Un-Insulated Recessed Door for Drywall Walls - Acudor

The FW-5015 recessed for drywall, fire rated access door is designed for installation in drywall walls requiring concealing of the door panel consistent to the surrounding walls. The door panel is supplied with 5/8" drywall. The Acudor FW-5015 is approved by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) for 1-1/2 hours "B" label in walls. Designed to maintain continuity in a 2 hour fire barrier wall, the FW-5015 should be used whenever it is necessary to provide access in fire rated drywall walls, where it is required to conceal the door panel.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
12" wide x 12" high
Rough Opening Size:
12 wide x 12 high
Satin Coat Steel
Frame flange with pre-punched holes and textured for convenient mounting and accepting skim coat finish
Lock / latch:
1 x Self Latching Bolt, operated by flush key
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Acudor 12 x 12 Fire-Rated Uninsulated Recessed Panel for Drywall - Acudor
SKU # FW-5015-12-12

12" x 12" Fire-Rated Uninsulated Recessed Panel for Drywall - Acudor

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