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The TMP Access Panels for Plaster Walls & Ceilings provide safe and excellent access to the building's components with its plaster application feature and a nearly seamless look for interior walls and ceilings.  

Why install the TMP? 

Super Durability: You can tell that the TMP is very durable due to the materials used. A 16 gauge steel on the door panel and 16 ga stainless steel on the frame. Combined with a white powder coat paint finish, the TMP proves to be a fantastic product with both toughness and aesthetics.      

Easy Installation: A reason for its popularity is the 3/4" recessed metal flange from the face of the frame that helps the user apply plaster. With this feature, you will have a swift and easy installation.    

Variety: If you are looking for variety in a product, you can choose from TMP's various door sizes, materials, and parts that will surely fit your commercial building.      


  • Door Panel: 16 gauge steel with concealed continuous hinge mounted on the long side of panels.  
  • Frame: 16 gauge steel with 1 3/8" wide metal flange and 3/4" deep plaster stop for plaster application.  
  • Sizes: Minimum Size 6" x 6", Max Size Wall: 36" x 48", Max Size Ceiling: 36" x 36".  
  • Lock: Flush screwdriver-operated steel cam standard.    

Optional Features at Additional Costs:   

  • Cold Rolled Steel or 304 Stainless Steel: 14 gauge door with 16 gauge frame, 16 gauge door with 14 gauge frame, 16 gauge door with 16 gauge frame, and 14 gauge door with 14 gauge frame   
  • Gasketing (3 sides)  
  • Louvered vents  
  • Plexiglass view window  
  • Removable Door (no hinges)   
  • 316 Stainless construction  
  • #0646 Brass Retaining Ring for MP  
  • Latch and Lock: Mortise Lock, Cylinder, Torx Head, Spanner Head, Hex Head, Knob Cam  

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10 x 10- Access Panels for Plaster Walls and Ceilings - JL
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10" x 10" TMP - Access Panels for Plaster Walls & Ceilings - JL Industries

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