LXB-U-34-55 Universal Balustrade 

Having a safe entry and exit to your attic is essential. Not only that, it makes ascending and descending your attic easier but also safer. Access Doors and Panels offer the best attic ladder accessories known in the market, like the LXB-U-34-55 Universal Balustrade.   


Benefits of Installing the LXB-U-34-55 Universal Balustrade 

  • Provides a protective barrier in the opening of your attic ladder  
  • Provides easy access to your attic  


The LXB-U-34-55 Universal Balustrade comprises pine wood. The LXB protects the ceiling opening in the attic and makes ascending and descending your attic ladder safer and more accessible.  

The attic railing's structure and system of fixing the loft floor with unique metal holders increase its stiffness, thus improving the comfort of use. The LXB-U attic railing is compatible with all sizes of loft ladders.   


Technical Specifications 

Dimension width (external): 110 cm  

Dimension length (internal): 136.5 cm  

Dimension height (from the box edge to the crosspiece): 110 cm  


Stop second-guessing and invest in an LXB-U-34-55 Universal Balustrade today!  

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Fakro 34 x 55 Universal Balustrade
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30" x 54" Universal Balustrade - Fakro

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