LWP-L-25-54 up to 10'8" 300 lbs. Load Capacity Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP - L  

Don't waste your attic space and install the Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP-L now! It's an easy-to-install insulated ladder that features an adjustable ladder. It's the most effective product for reaching the attic that quickly folds and hides the ladder.     

Why Purchase the Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP?  

  • Easy access to attic spaces  
  • Extension ladder (foldable into two sections)  
  • Insulated hatch door  

This Fakro wood attic ladder is 10 ft. 8 in., 22.5 in. x 54 in. is a more extended version of the LWP model. This attic ladder is excellent for higher maximum ceiling height. The LWP-L-22.5-54 is adjustable within 1.3 inches even after cutting the side rails, allowing a perfect fit to ceiling height and additional adjustment after floor renovation. Eleven steps feature a tread rise of about 10 in. to ensure safety and comfort.   

The ladder's material comes from pine wood, making it an excellent choice for buildings that don't want termites chewing on surfaces. Each unit also has a red-colored handrail safely supporting climbing up and down the ladder.    

Lastly, the product comes with a peripheral gasket that prevents moisture inside the attic from seeping through the other surface.    

This Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP - L is suitable for attic spaces containing plumbing pipes because the gasket can keep the moisture intact once repaired by your building technician.  

Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP Specifications:   

  • Type: Folding 
  • Ladder Length (ft): 128 
  • Ladder Width (in): 13.25 
  • Load Capacity (lb): 300
  • Maximum Ceiling Height (ft): 128 
  • Minimum Ceiling Height (ft): 98.2 
  • Number Of Steps: 14 
  • Rough Opening Length (in): 54 
  • Rough Opening Width (in): 25
  • Rung/step Depth (in): 3.12 
  • Weight (lb): 75 
  • Series Name: LWP-L 
  • Stainable: No 
  • Ansi Safety Listing: Yes
  • Swing Clearance (ft): 76.5 
  • Model Description: LWP Wooden Insulated Attic Ladder 

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Access Doors and Panels always provide the best quality products for your construction needs! Our Insulated Wood Attic Ladder LWP – L will always function properly after installation. The product also comes in a wide range of measurements, ensuring that it'll fit on the ceiling/attic opening perfectly. 

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Fakro 25 x 54 up to 108 Insulated Wood Attic Ladder - Fakro
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25" x 54" up to 10'8" Insulated Wood Attic Ladder - Fakro

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