25" x 54" up to 10'1" 350 lbs. Load Capacity Insulated Metal Attic Ladder LMS

Make sure you only use tough ladders when going up your commercial building's attic spaces! Use the 25" x 54" up to 10'1" 350 lbs. Load Capacity Insulated Metal Attic Ladder LMS which can withstand constant stress from a person's weight.

Reasons to Purchase the Metal Attic Ladder:

  • Hide and keep your ladder effectively
  • Easy-to-use ladder operation

The LMS is a heavy-duty attic ladder that folds into three sections. It also has an insulated lid and a seal that lines the perimeter of the frame.

You can also adjust the ladder length to the ceiling height is simplified with adjustable stile ends. Another feature you will like about the ladder is that it's manufactured from material, making it one of the strongest ladders on the market. 

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Loading: 350 lbs
  • Loft Ladder Hatch U-Value: 0.19 BTU/h ft2F
  • Insulation Thickness: 1 ⅛
  • Hatch Thickness: 1 ⅛
  • Norm Requirements: ANSI 14.9.2004
  • Attic Ladder R-Value: 5.2

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Fakro 25 x 54 up to 101 Insulated Metal Attic Ladder - Fakro
SKU # LMS-25-54

25" x 54" up to 10'1" Insulated Metal Attic Ladder - Fakro

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