FX-106-T-14.5-45.5 Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight

Bring natural elegance and sophistication to your commercial space by installing deck-mounted skylights! Here at Access Doors and Panels, we supply top-tier roof windows and skylights, including the FX-106-T-14.5-45.5 fixed deck-mounted skylight to brighten and enhance your indoor environment. In addition to improving livability, natural light adds comfort and functionality and positively impacts overall well-being!

Benefits of Installing a Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight 

  • Allows natural sunlight to brighten your indoor spaces
  • Creates ambiance 
  • Condensation-resistant
  • Saves energy

Natural light from a fixed deck-mounted skylight like the FX-106-T can improve mood and boost vitamin D - improving the working environment of your commercial buildings, condominiums, and other facilities. Hotels and airports can also benefit from these skylights, bringing comfort to your guests and passengers.

Skylights also enhance the aesthetics of office spaces. The FX-106-T blends well in any setting to match your surroundings. In addition to looking great, installing skylights can also increase your property value. 

FX-106 is condensation-resistant, reducing moisture concerns that can lead to unsightly issues, including mildew growth. Keep your building healthy and your occupants safe! 

The FX-106-T features low-emission and heat-reflecting double-glazed glass to reflect heat and help retain natural heating and cooling energy. Installing a skylight can also protect your building occupants from harmful UV rays and keep your carpets, furniture, drapes, and floors fade-free. FX-106 has UV resistant-cladding coated with polyester for even longer resistance!

Take a Closer Look at FX-106:

  • Beautiful, hand-selected, vacuum treated, lacquered timber frames
  • Unique perimeter gasket underneath the frame for increased insulation
  • The internal gasket system protects framing and drywall from condensation
  • Easy, “bracket free installation system.”
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-85°
  • Better sizing improves the ability to install and finish drywall without additional support
  • For use with EL step flashing, EH high-profile flashing, or Insulated flashings EL-T THERMO and EH-T THERMO

Technical Specifications:

  • Rough opening (WxR): 14½ x 46 in
  • Outside frame (SxL): 167⁄8 x 467⁄8 in
  • Daylight area (glass): 3.46 x 0.32 sq. ft. m2
  • Glazing unit G3: G3 Tempered-Tempered
  • SHGC: 0.21
  • U-Factor [BTU/h ft2 F]:0.39* 
  • VT Visible Transmittance: 0.41
  • CR Condensation Resistance: 65
  • Air Infiltration [cfm/ft2]: 0.02
  • Water Penetration [Pa]: 730
  • Uniform Load Deflection: 125 psf
  • Uniform Load Structural: +250 psf / -187.5 psf
  • Glazing Unit G3: Tempered-Tempered 
  • Single chamber "Solar Factor" glazing unit: 4HT – Tg16Ar – 4H 
  • Sunscreen external pane tempered: 0.16" thick 
  • Internal pane tempered: 0.16" thick 
  • Warm TGI spacer 
  • R-Value: 5.7 (glass) 
  • Glazing cavity filled with inert Argon gas

Ready to add Fakro FX-106-T to your next renovation project 

Here at Access Doors and Panels, we provide the best skylights for your commercial buildings with plenty of sizes to choose from for your next project.

Allow our product experts to guide you through the process! Call our hotline at (800) 609-2917 or request a custom quote today!

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Fakro 16 x 46 Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro
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16" x 46" Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight - Tempered Glass - Fakro

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