Smoke Vents

A yellow sign with an image of a vent with smoke coming out to represent our smoke ventsSmoke Vents

To help comply with fire-building safety codes, it is important to equip a commercial building with smoke vents. A smoke vent releases heat, smoke, and noxious gases during the event of a fire. It is designed to open automatically when a fusible link reaches a certain temperature.

Access Doors And Panels recommends our aluminum and galvanized steel smoke vents for use in your commercial or industrial building project. Moreover, we also offer an aluminum UL listed vent from Acudor that has 12" high insulated curb, high-performance gas springs and inside and outside manual release designed to provide an economical solution for fire ventilation by removing deadly smoke, heat, and gases from a burning building. Also featuring our Acudor galvanized steel vent prime painted with rust-inhibiting grey primer that has fully enclosed compression spring operators that allow the cover to open against 10-lbs./sq. ft. wind or snow load when released. 

Available in a wide array of sizes and additional product features, you can surely find a smoke vent that you need for your roof installation here at Access Doors And Panels. For product availability, please reach us at 1-800-609-2917. Order now!