5'0" x 11'0" - Big Smoky UL/FM Vents - Galvanized Steel


  • Material:
    • U-LP:22 gauge galvanized steel cover and 16 gauge galvanized steel curb
    • U-LPA:.063 Aluminum cover and .090 Aluminum curb
    • U-LPAG:.063 Aluminum cover and 16 gauge galvanized steel curb    
  • Finish:
    • Galvanized Steel: Mill Finish
    • Aluminum: Mill Finish
  • Cover: 
    • High-strength composite construction with exterior cover and liner bonded to a 2” core of rigid foam-type insulation 
  • Curb:
    • 13 ½” in height with 3 ½” pre-drilled mounting flanges and counterflashing with 1” thick exterior fiberboard insulation
  • Gasket: 
    • Polyurethane Foam Gasket adhered to the entire perimeter of curb
  • Hinges: 
    • Steel Pintle Hinge
  • Springs:
    • Torsion Coil Spring operators to open against a 10 psf snow or wind load
  • Dampeners:
    • Hydraulic dampeners to control cover opening speed and prevent over-travel
  • Latches:
    • Latch designed to open automatically with parting of single 360 degree fusible link or manually with interior and exterior pull release handles without disturbing the fusible link. Designed to hold covers closed when subjected to 240 psf uplift pressure for U-LP or 225 psf uplift pressure for U-LPA or U-LPAG
  • Hardware: 
    • All hardware is zinc plated (stainless steel hardware optional)
  • Operation:
    • Covers automatically spring open to approximately 90 degrees in the event of fire, being actuated by the parting of a single UL-listed 360 degree F fusible link, automatically locking in the fully opened position
  • Certifications:
    • UL 793 Listed
    • UL 790 Certified 
    • FM Approved 

Milcor Heat & Smoke Vents Protect in the Event of Smoke & Fire: Opens instantly when UL listed fusible link is exposed to a temperature of 165 degrees to release noxious smoke and deadly gases out of the building.

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Galvanized Steel
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Milcor 50 x 110 - Big Smoky UL/FM Vents - Galvanized Steel
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5'0" x 11'0" - Big Smoky UL/FM Vents - Galvanized Steel - Milcor

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