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Are you looking to add functionality and versatility to a room? The perfect choice for you is to install the flangeless wall access door from Access Doors and Panels! It is reliable and secure, with entrance points for crawl space, plumbing, or renovation jobs. You can get this door model in 7 multiple commercial and residential sizes. 

Access Doors and Panels’ B-RAC access door series is designed to receive a ⅝ inch drywall to match the surrounding surfaces. Its popularity is due to its recess pan door and custom door sizes, providing access through openings in vertical and horizontal surfaces. You can also choose from our available lock or latch options such as screwdriver cam latch, key-operated cam lock or mortise lock prep. 

The Babcock-Davis non-rated recessed access panel -flangeless is manufactured with 16 gauge steel door and frame with concealed pivoting rod and a white powder coat finish. When you purchase this flangeless door, you can also choose from Access Doors and Panels’ optional flanges, latches, and gaskets. Place your order now and get this item ready for shipping in just 2 to 3 weeks. 

Buy our wall access panel flangeless now at an affordable price and get a beneficial 1-year warranty upon purchase! Give us a call at our service hotline 1-800-609-2917.

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