Williams Brothers Canada

Williams Brothers Canada

The Access Doors and Panels Collection
Williams Brothers banner featuring WB-UAD the utility access door and WB-DW our Drywall Access Door.

Are you looking for high-quality access doors for your next construction project? Our selection from William Brothers Canada can help you with that. We offer panels that meet engineers, contractors, and architects’ standards for durability, safety, and functionality.

Access Doors and Panels features a wide range of access panels for new and retro-fit construction applications in commercial and industrial markets. They come in various sizes, styles, and configurations to match your needs. We also offer wall, ceiling, roof, and floor hatches that you can use to provide access to building components on any surfaces like drywall, tiles, and cement. To provide extra safety and protection, we also have fire-rated doors with UL certification.

We can guarantee our products’ quality and durability, and you can choose from aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, non-rated, and GFRG. We accept materials and size customizations upon request.

You can learn more about our access doors’ benefits for specific applications by speaking with our product specialists. Call us now!

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