Removable Panel

Removable Panel

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Regular panels require swinging outwards or inwards when accessing a space. If you want to get wider access with a completely separable door from the frame, you will need a removable access door which is ideal when requiring a walk-in entry to critical areas between or below building floors. At Access Doors and Panels, we provide flush and recessed removable hatches that you can use to increase mobility in confined areas. 

Among our newly-released products is Acudor’s removable flush floor door diamond plate. It is specially designed for interior applications where water tightness is not required. It has a completely removable flush diamond plate door panel that stays secured to the frame with flat head screws. The FD-8060 is made of aluminum and a mill finish. Its 1” x 1” aluminum angle is designed to be cast into concrete. 

When it comes to installations in vinyl tile, ceramic tile, carpet, and concrete, Access Doors and Panels recommends the FT-8080 aluminum floor access door. This door is designed for interior and exterior applications and is ideal when requiring an access opening that will blend in with the surrounding floor material. The securing screws are located in the flange of the mountain frame to keep the floor material from cracking or chipping within the door panel. We have this door unit in stock!

Don’t look any further when it comes to removable floor doors, Access Doors and Panels has them! Get your quality door from us today. Reach out to our professional team and call us today!

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