Fire Valve Cabinets

A blue sign with an image of a box with a valve inside to represent our Fire-Valve-CabinetFire Valve Cabinets

One vital part of a building’s fire safety design plan, whether commercial, industrial, or residential, is the installation of fire valves. Maintaining the efficiency of these valves and enclosing them in safety cabinets is necessary. Check out Access Doors And Panels’ selection of fire valve cabinets that include the trimless Sonoma valve cabinet and full metal valve cabinet - fully recessed. When it comes to the ultra-modern interior designed commercial facilities, our cabinet’s design and appearance are superior for use.

Introducing our SONOMA series (SN) cabinet fronts that are 18 gauge cold rolled steel with 22 gauge cold rolled steel tubs, are fully recessed and have a concealed hinge. Our cabinets come standard with flush Sonoma handle. They also have an aesthetically clean and trim appearance that blends in with any decor. Meanwhile, our Valve (VC) cabinet fronts are 16 gauge cold rolled steel with 22 gauge cold rolled steel tubs and are available with a full metal or full glass door panel.

We also offer the SN and VC cabinet series for fire valves. These products are in stock and ready to ship to your address anytime. Approved by Warnock Hersey, Access Doors and Panels’ Safeguard Cabinets can be mounted in any face of fire rated steel or wood stud for up to 2 hour rated walls without affecting its fire rating. Do you want additional information about these valve cabinets? Fill out the request form on our product page now!

Design and protect commercial interiors with Access Doors And Panels fire valve cabinets. Send us your orders now!