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16" x 16" Aesthetic Access Door with Hidden Flange - Stainless Steel - Cendrex

The CTR is the newest generation of all purpose access door, Exclusive Design. Easy to install, it will blend in better than any other door on all non-rated surfaces. Its special European type hinge allows the door, with its beveled edges, to close over the flange thus avoiding additional labor to mud or plaster the flange. The CTR features a truly cohesive appearance due to its well-integrated design of concealing the space between the panel and the flange. A LABOR SAVING alternative to doors with Drywall Flanges. "No Need to Mud or Plaster!"

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Cendrex Cendrex CTR-SS 16X16 General purpose access doors stainless steel
SKU # CTR-SS-16-16A

Cendrex CTR-SS 16X16 General purpose access doors: stainless steel

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