Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch

Every time you opt for a roof hatch installation, you will be able to save time and money. Because of the minimal change that hatches do to roof structures, you might not even need a permit to install one. Moreover, you can supply these roof panels with a safety ladder or fixed stairs for convenient access to the roofs of buildings.

Hatches make an effective way to access them if there are building utilities located in the roof. For your different project needs, you can choose from our domed, electric actuation, equipment access, ladder access, security, service stair, and ship stair. In order to meet installation requirements, our hatches from Acudor are available in a wide array of sizes to meet installation requirements.

If your client wishes to have a skylight, we recommend that you install our aluminum or galvanized domed roof hatch. We also have the RHADD and RHGDD models that feature clear, bronze, white, combination polycarbonate double-skin dome. For every purchase of our products, you also get to choose from a stainless steel cover, curb, and/or hardware, louvered curbs, curb mounted units, curb pitch corrected for a sloped roof, and all-aluminum construction, cover, and curb as optional features.

If you want an additional level of security, our galvanized security roof hatch is an ideal choice. This door unit comes with a weathertight construction, convenient one-hand operation, 12" high insulated curb supports, and 40lbs./sq. ft. live load.

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