Acudor LT-4000 Aluminum Access Door 24 x 24

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24" x 24" Lightweight Aluminum Access Door - Acudor

The LT-4000 is a lightweight aluminum access door for walls and ceilings. With a durable design and lightweight components, access to large openings in walls and ceilings is made easy. The mitered aluminum frame provides an architecturally pleasing appearance. The aluminum door panel is lined with 3/4" polystyrene insulation. The all aluminum construction of the LT-4000 is ideal for exterior applications, and also those specific interior applications where corrosion or moisture is a concern. Gasketing between the door and the frame is 1/8” x 3/8” closed cell neoprene gasketing. It is not tested for airtight or watertight. 

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Acudor LT-4000 Aluminum Access Door 24 x 24
SKU # LT-4000 24 24

Acudor LT-4000 Aluminum Access Door 24 x 24

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